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Wow! Thank you doesn't cover it.

published3 months ago
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Hi Reader,

Wow! We were absolutely amazed by the response this week and wanted to reach out to say THANK YOU to all those who made this possible by forwarding, sharing and donating. More than 1,500 grassroots donors from all 50 states contributed over $125K in less than 48 hours.

Success like this does not happen overnight. The real work started months ago when Oath did the research and analysis to identify which races and candidates were in a position to make the greatest impact on this issue (and other top issues). So when a SCOTUS decision leaked unexpectedly - we were ready. And we will be ready for the next one too.

You make all of this possible by subscribing and sharing with your friends. Our community has more than DOUBLED in the last few weeks and with it, our collective power to make an impact.

Thank you for your efforts,