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What now? How to fight for repro rights

published3 months ago
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Hi Reader,

Yesterday was tough. Politico is reporting the Supreme Court will overturn Roe v. Wade in a matter of weeks. The impending decision is a disaster for women's rights and chips away the foundation of LGBT rights as well. But this is NOT the time for despair.

As I have said before... when faced with defeat, you have two options: give up or work harder. Let's get to work!

What can we do?

If the Court does overturn Roe as expected, we have several options for action. First, we can push state legislators in the fourteen states with a Democratic trifecta (Dem Governor, House and Senate) to protect choice. These states are home to more than 1/3 of the country's population and can enact legislation without a single Republican vote. Many have codified abortion rights already but as Republican attacks grow more extreme, additional legislation could be needed. Find your state reps here.

Next, we need to STEP IT UP for the midterms. It is probably going to be long, difficult journey back from this decision. But it starts this November with some crucial state legislative elections. Every chamber Democrats control provides new opportunities to block bad legislation and pass good legislation. There are 3 states where the stakes are highest for abortion access: AZ, MI, & MN.

The Candidates Key to Choice

We identified six legislative candidates that could be the swing vote in a future fight over abortion rights in these purple states. We centralized one link for you to split a donation to all six candidates (or a few):

  1. Arizona Senate District 2: Jeanne Casteen
  2. Arizona Senate District 9: Eva Burch
  3. Michigan House District 76: Angela Witwer (incumbent)
  4. Michigan House District 81: Rachel Hood (incumbent)
  5. Minnesota Senate District 14: Aric Putnam (incumbent)
  6. Minnesota Senate District 34: John Hoffman (incumbent)

These candidates have an average of less than $25K in the bank to last the rest of the year so your donations have a MASSIVE impact. They have the highest need in the closest races and could singlehandedly determine control of state chambers which will help as we take this reproductive rights fight to the state level.

The Long Game

People often ask me how I am able to keep a positive attitude when the victories in politics feel few and far between. My answer boils down to persistence over patience. It could take years (decades?) to restore national abortion rights after this summer. That time can either make you crazy with disappointment or it can be your superpower. If you make a choice that you won't give up, time becomes a tool through which you can learn and improve while opponents of progress wither and fade away. Mitch McConnell can celebrate his court hijacking this year because we will be here to help rewrite the laws when he is dead.

Thank you for your efforts,


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