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We're back: Game on!

published4 months ago
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Hi friends,

It is GO TIME for the midterms! We have spent the last few months compiling every data point imaginable to provide you the best recommendations on which candidates need your support this year. The data tells a consistent story: if we work hard, we can win where it matters most.

In 2022, we will elect 36 Governors, 35 Senators, 435 U.S. Representatives, 30 Attorneys General, 27 Secretaries of State, and more than 7,000 state legislators. To win as many of these races as possible, we need to spend our time and money wisely. Here are the states with the most at stake:

As you can see, Arizona, Michigan, Nevada, and Pennsylvania have the most competitive elections this year and will be a primary focus. But there are important elections in every state and the political tides are always changing. So moving forward, we will be sending a weekly breakdown of the most competitive races with links to easily donate and volunteer where it's needed most.

Your $5 may not seem like a lot.. but you are part of the Oath community! When thousands of us work together, we have the power to win tough seats, flip legislative chambers, and even save our majority in Congress. Sign up your friends here:

Let's stop doomscrolling and start doing something,

Brian Derrick