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Oath Candidates of the Week

published4 months ago
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Last Friday was the deadline for federal candidates to file their Q1 fundraising totals. This is a BIG DEAL because it is the first major filing deadline of the election year and we learned a lot about who is viable. Here are a few key takeaways...

  • Democrats have more money on hand than Republicans in every Toss Up Senate race except Wisconsin
  • In the House, there are more than 70 viable candidates in what we consider highly competitive districts
  • There is a clear split between challengers and incumbents: 95% of incumbents have more money than their closest Republican opponent whereas 72% of challengers have less than their leading R opponent.
  • This points to a need to invest in standout challenger candidates ASAP - which you can do below.

Candidates of the Week

Rudy Salas (D) has served five terms in the California Assembly and is running against David Valadao (R) in CA-22. This is a Tossup district that is a little more Democratic after redistricting and is a MUST WIN for us in 2022. Salas is farther behind in fundraising than any other Democratic challenger. It is crucial he raises $700k+ this quarter to staff up his campaign. Donate here.

Kris Mayes (D) is a former journalist, lawyer, and was previously elected to Arizona's Public Utilities Commission. We have covered this race before but since then, Mayes has cleared the primary field and Glassman (R) has leapt ahead in fundraising so it is more important than ever to support her. She would also be the first out LGBT Attorney General in the state. Donate here.

Carol Glanville (D) is running for Michigan's HD-84 in a special election scheduled for May 3rd. This is typically a red district but the Republican candidate has been condemned by both parties for his appalling comments about rape. A second Republican is running a write-in campaign which could split the vote in a low turnout election and help Glanville win. This election is less than $50k to date so your donations here translate directly into more postcards, signs and canvassing shifts. Donate here.

Primary Watch

As I have written about before, the wave of Democrats retiring from the U.S. House creates an opportunity for to elevate new voices in Congress. There are 21 districts with no incumbent that are almost certain to be held by Democrats after November. That means likely more than 10% of the Caucus in 2023/2024 will be brand new and they will be selected before September (the last primary). No matter who holds the majority, these leaders will have a vital role in crafting policy and shaping the Democratic party in 2024 and beyond.

Are you interested in learning more about candidates in competitive primaries? Let us know your thoughts and questions for future newsletters.

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