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Mallory McMorrow was just the beginning

published4 months ago
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By now most of us have seen the fiery speech by Michigan state senator Mallory McMorrow. She is an outstanding example of the next generation of Democratic leadership but there are so many more who have not gone viral on TikTok (yet). We will be highlighting legislators like Mallory all year long, including two inspiring down ballot candidates below.

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The 2022 primary season kicks off in earnest one week from today. A few last minute shake-ups in maps could have major influence on how the midterms play out.

  • DeSantis signed outrageously gerrymandered congressional maps in Florida. This could single-handedly wipe out four House Dems. Litigation is already underway but time is short with the primary scheduled for August.
  • A federal court plans to allow Ohio Republicans to use their rejected legislative map if a new one is not signed into law by May 28. So far, Republicans have refused to show up for Commission meetings to draw a map in line with the state constitution.
  • Some good news - the Kansas congressional maps that were drawn to target Rep. Sharice Davids (D) were ruled invalid.

Candidates of the Week

Katie Hobbs is the Arizona Secretary of State and a former state senator and representative. Prior to serving in public office, she was a social worker and advocate for survivors of domestic violence. We have not previously recommended a donation in the race for AZ Governor because there are several good Democratic candidates. However, operatives on the ground are indicating Katie is growing her lead and she has raised more than the other Dems combined (but far less than the GOP). We need to get started right away to win this critical seat. Donate here.

Cisco Aguilar is an attorney, education leader, and former Chairman of the Nevada Athletic Commission. He is building an impressive coalition of working class Nevadans and Latino voters. He has several Republican opponents but is the only Dem in the race. Jessie Haw, a Republican real estate developer, just entered the race and is already tapping corporate donors to fund his campaign. Let's help Aguilar fight back. Donate here.

Wisconsin is a key battleground in 2022 where Republicans are working overtime to secure a trifecta (control of Governor, state senate and state assembly) which would give them the ability to tamper with election results in 2024. A few people stand in the way of that plan and one of them is Katrina Shankland, a current Assemblymember and former nonprofit community leader. This will be one of the toughest and most consequential elections in Wisconsin. Contributing now will help her staff up early. Donate here.

Primary Watch

One of the hazards of redistricting is the possibility of two incumbents running for the same seat when their old district moves or disappears. There are three major matchups to watch where Democrats must choose between two sitting Members of Congress. If you have a personal connection to any of these Members, I recommend jumping in asap.

  • GA-07: Carolyn Bordeaux vs. Lucy McBath
  • MI-11: Andy Levin vs. Haley Stevens
  • IL-06: Sean Casten vs. Marie Newman

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